Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Opinion on the Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus it my fifth Android phone. I'm no stranger to the Android platform, and I know how it should work. Let me start by saying that the GNex is a gorgeous phone, and it is my prized electronic at the moment. The GNex has forced me to learn and further my skills.

First, I'm rooted and running a rom. This phone responds well to all kinds of roms. I've tried out three now, and my phone is still as solid and beautiful as ever.

What I Like:
+screenshots. Super fast and simple, and very responsive.
+the dev community. Everyone loves this phone, and so there are a lot of options rom wise.
+the size. This phone is an excellent size, and allows for beautiful movie watching and viewing.
+Android 4.0. This shit keeps getting better. The UI is lovely, and is made even better with custom roms.
+lack of search key. I might be the one person who doesn't miss the search key. The phone looks so much simpler without the search key. Of course, if this is a negative for you, you can always root and find a rom that allows you to add buttons.

+camera. This is one of the best phone cameras I've had. There's all kinds of features that you can include in your pictures.

What I Don't Like:
-on stock, I hated the lag of the keyboard. Rooting fixed that.

That's about it for my likes and dislikes. As you can tell, I love the phone. I'm so unbelievably happy with this phone, and given the option, I would try it again. 

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